Drying kiln


SK dryer for sawn wood and structural components made of softwood and hardwood with the end humidity of approx. 8%. It is available in the standard version with drying temperature up to 95ºC or as the low temperature drying option (the "white beech" version allows keeping the natural colour of beech wood).


Vegetable dryers


The M-803 dryer is designed for dehydration of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. Products to be dried are placed on special sieves that are moved into the drying chamber on trolleys.


Bakery dryers


The M-860 dryer is dedicated for bakery products. It is suitable for bakeries as a crumbs production line component. Bread is dehydrated in bins made of acidproof materials. The bins are fitted with rollers to facilitate moving into the chamber on slide guides. In the basic option, the unit is heated with furnace oil, but we also offer gas-heated dryers on demand.


It is a chamber dryer. The casing and feeding door are made of 45 mm thick panels with hard polyurethane foam core. The dryer has a painted galvanised sheet sheathing and a frame made of structural steel with enamel coating approved for contact with food. Optionally, the chamber is available with rust proof design (acid-proof steel frame and aluminium sheath).


Wood dryer automation


The wood dryer automation system consists of a power supply unit and a controller. Wood drying process is controlled based on a 4 or 8-point moisture content measurement, air humidity measurement, 2-point temperature measurement or through an integrated temperature and humidity transducer and feeding temperature measurement. Controller functions can be extended with heat treatment control and recording to eliminate the transfer of biological contaminants (harmful insects, fungi).


Dryer controllers offer the following operating modes:

  • manual - allows setting all drying parameters during the process;
  • automatic - controller sets chamber working parameters, adjusting the heating stage, furnace operation and moisturisation according to a selected programme and measured wood moisture content;
  • semi-automatic - suitable when user wishes to maintain constant chamber operating parameters (temperature and humidity) for a longer time.


Automatic operation consists in selecting one of the preconfigured programmes. First, the operator must specify the type and thickness of wood, target moisture content and additional parameters. Drying process parameters are stored in the controller memory and can be retrieved in a printed form.



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