KWH boiler is a low temperature water boiler equipped with three-way exhaust gas circulation, fired with solid fuel or hot exhaust gas transferred to the combustion chamber from a prefurnace.


Why are HAMECH's products worth buying?

  • Experienced producer, thousands KWH boilers working in Poland and abroad: Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Białorus, USA, the UK, Germany, Canada,  Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia...
  • PROMATOMNADZOR  certyfikates confirm the products  meet requirements set by Russian Federation and Belarus
  • solid construction, walls of 6,8,10,12 mm thick (depend on the power of boiler)
  • parts of a boiler which are exposed to flames are made of special quality steel (used when working in higher  temperatures)
  • boilers of 180kW and more are diveded, which means  convinient transport, assembly, when one part of a boiler is worn-out or damaged then only this part is replaced instead of the whole boiler
  • all boilers are tested with pressure of 4,5 bar
  • thick thermal isolation of outer walls
  • an exchanger with flame flow in the pipemakes cleaning and maintenance easier 
  • cleaning of surface exchanger is simple and convient  due to optimal location of tight doors and washout holes
  • prepared to work with AZSD
  • minimum amout of joints  due to the use ofbending treatment  on the up-to date folding press
  • one supplier of all equipment of  boiler-rooms and other necessary equipment
  • Technical support of construction department

The structure is of bent/welded type. Inside of boiler there are heated water chambers built in side walls and combustion tubes and forming two exhaust gas draft. The prefurnace contains water grid made of steel profiles; the grid is also included into boiler's water circulation.

The furnace chamber is accessible through the feeding door and the grid door; access is also possible through side walls opening which are simultaneously inlets for AZSD system.

Boiler's construction allows for wide range of combustion air quantity adjustment. For this purpose the boiler is fitted with ash door together with adjustable flap, which enables adjustment of air coming under the boiler's grid. Air may be also supplied through titled grid door built in boiler's front wall.

The boiler works on the rule of natural air draft generated by a fuel.

"HAMECH" produce boilers with following thermal power:

  • boiler type KWH - 55 with thermal power - 55 kW;
  • boiler type KWH - 100 with thermal power - 100 kW;
  • boiler type KWH - 180 with thermal power - 180 kW;
  • boiler type KWH - 300 with thermal power - 300 kW;
  • boiler type KWH - 600 with thermal power - 550 kW;
  • boiler type KWH - 1000 with thermal power - 1000 kW;
  • boiler type KWH - 1200 with thermal power - 1200 kW;
  • boiler type KWH - 2000 with thermal power - 2000 kW;

Kocioł KWH - przekrój



In 2015 our offer is expanded by a new series of SE controllers fitted with a touch, colour 7” HMI panel al­lowing for control and modification of parameters and current heating set work status. At any moment the user can monitor (depending on controller version) values for oxygen contents in combustion gas (meas­ured by Lambda probe), furnace temperature, combustion gas tem­perature, boiler temperature, feeder temperature, water level in boiler and sub pressure in combustion chamber.

It is possible to control the oper­ation of movable grate, ash removal installation, exhaust fan, primary and secondary air fans and fuel feeding system. Additionally the automated control system is fitted with protec­tion against backfire in feeder con­duit. As soon as a failure or an alert occurs, the messages with date and time of recorded commencement and termination appear, and the user can be notified on this via sms or e-mail.

The heating set operation can also be monitored and controlled through the website. The controller as well supervises the ash container filling level, and if exceeded, a mes­sage is sent. The heating set auto­matic system can be operated either in automatic or manual mode.

sterownik se-500

sterownik se-500

Touch controller for KWH and AZSD for burners with powers of 180 kW and more.

For a hydraulically fed burner of the Redler type, the user can decide which alerts are to be sent via sms by putting a green mark next to the corresponding items.

sterownik se-500

For the Redler-equipped plant, it is also possible to set the ash remov­er operation and idle time, movable grate operation time and frequency (which should be subject to chang­es according to fuel purity). Moreo­ver, the fuel feeder and the movable grate can be operated either in auto­matic or manual mode.


Choose the model

Water boiler KWH-55
Nominal thermal power
Coulped with AZSD
Nominal thermal power with AZSD
Basic fuel burnt in AZSD
Woodwaste of granulation to 30 mm and humidity of 30-50%
Thermal power regulation range
30 - 100
Heated surface
Admissible static pressure
Max outlet water temperature
Requested draft behind boiler
Average exhaust gas temperature at flue
Basic fuel consumption - efficiency
Thermal efficiency with AZSD
Total weight with insulation
Water capacity
Length (A)
Height (B)
Width (C)
Dimension (D)
Dimension (E)
1. Net calorific value – 12028 kJ/kg



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