The unit comprises: furnace suitable for burning straw bales or Heston cubes, waste gas/air exchanger, pre air/water heat exchanger, combustion chamber fan, heater blower fan, control system.


The unit is mainly used for delivering hot air into kilns for drying cereals, herbs and timber. If heat discharge tank is applied the unit can operate as central heating system supply.


The kiln is fired with cereals straw, rape straw and meadow hay. It is also possible to use chunk wood.

Construction description and unit's operating principle:

The kiln (1) is based on steel boiler drum with heat-resistant ceramic lining. The fan (4) supplies air in quantity that is enough to ensure proper combustion. Fuel combustion results in producing hot gases, which are extracted through outlet duct to waste gas/air exchanger. Amount and temperature of combustion gas is controlled by the furnace fan, which in turn is managed by control assembly (6). The combustion gases then flow through row of combustion tubes. The furnace is surrounded by a coat able to receive hot water to supply water/air exchanger (3). Secondary air heating is controlled by coat-and-tube waste gas/air exchanger (2). Flow of the combustion gases goes on in pipes' section, while the air being heated in inter-pipe space. Opening in the exchanger and also in the kiln can be opened either to the right or to the left. Heater blower fan (4) forces the air into the water/air heat exchanger, where the air is preheated. The preheated air is re-heated in the waste gas/air exchanger. Heat exchange takes place in inter-pipe space. Prolonged time of air with exchange surface contact was result of using a section barrier system.


Kiln power

1,000 kW

Max. width of unit

3,400 mm

Combustion chamber diameter

1,000 kW

Max. length of unit

4,570 mm

Combustion chamber length

3,600 mm

Height of unit

3,550 mm

Furnace capacity

10.2 m3

Max. water temperature in coat


Furnace capacity

10.2 m3

Max. air heating temperature



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