Smoke cyclones are used to absorb dust (mainly erosive dust) from combustion gases of industrial boilers. Equipped with a fan in standard version, a cyclone improves the operation of the boiler.The use of a cyclone allows for instalation of the smaller chimney, what makes cost of a boiler-room lower.

Smoke cyclone

Ax630 cyclones work with AZSD and KWH or ZGH. From the gas outlet side the cyclone is connected to a chimney. The cyclones can be client-tailored.

A cyklone consists of:
  -Inlet (for gases from a boiler)
  -Dust funnel
  -Outlet ( for gases after dust absorbtion)
  -Box for absorbed dust
  -Smoke fan

Dust absorbiotion is carried out with use of sentifugal force. Combustion gases from the boiler flow to the inlet of a cyclone (1) to the chamber ( 2), here gases are spinned. Due to centrifugal force dust is pushed to the outer walls of the chamber, next through the funnel (3) to the dust box (4). Draught of gases is forced by a fan (5). Dust is collected in the dust box, which should periodically cleaned.

Nominal efficiency: [m3/h] 530 860 1100 1440 3780 8208
Engine: [kW] 0,08 0,18 0,75 0,55 1,1 4
Voltage: [V] 230 230 230/400 230/400 230/400 230/400
Weight(no fan): [kg] 150 150 180 200 900 900
Permissable gasestemperature: [°C] 350
Works with   ZGH-100





KWH-600 +AZSD-500

 lubKWH-600 +2xAZSD-250

KWH-1000 +AZSD-1000

 lubKWH-1000 +2xAZSD-500

KWH-2000 +


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