1) Bending with press brakes:

  • max. element length: 6,100 mm
  • max. sheet thickness: 8 mm
  • max. bending radius: R10 mm


Bending is executed with advanced, numerically controlled URSVIKEN OPTIMA press with load of 400 tons. This device is one of the very few to be equipped with a programmable matrix allowing for free programming of bending radius and ensuring high finishing accuracy.



2) Rolling sheets:

  • min. diameter of element being rolled: 130 mm
  • max. element length:
  • 1,550 mm for 320 mm in diameter and 3.5 mm in thickness
  • 2,000 mm for elements with diameter of over 320 mm


The assigned works in rolling are performed with numerically controlled AKAYPAK ASM 110-15/3.0 machine, enabling high repeatability of made products. Within diameter ranges from 320 mm. we operate XZPP-2000 machine, which allows rolling elements even up to 12 mm in thickness.


3) Rolling sections:

  • bending bars, channels, T-pieces, flat bars and other elements
  • min. diameter of element being rolled: ~300 mm


These works are performed with AKYAPAK APK 81 machine. Detailed table providing range of machine's capabilities is available here. This is also a CNC machine, which allows conducting a fully automated process of element rolling.


4) Shearing metal sheets:

  • max. thickness of sheared material: 6 mm
  • max. working length of shears: 3,100 mm
  • cutting and trapezoid texturing up to 1.5 in thickness from a coil at CNC line


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