Purpose and functional description:

Ventilation chimney for chamber-type kilns is designed for air exchange in kilns for drying timber during drying process with heat recuperation from air extracted and used for heating kiln inlet air.

Construction and operation

Ventilation chimney is an integrated independent device to be built-in on roofs of chamber-type kilns, where air exchange in chamber takes place. It has two ducts and, depending on air circulation direction in kiln's chamber, these interchangeably serve as supply and ventilation ducts. The chimney's most essential assembly is a counter-flow exchanger, in which recuperation of heat energy takes place. The fan intensifies air exchange inside the chamber. The ventilation chimney has tank 7 for collecting condensate being produced in the exchanger. The condensate from the tank should be drained outside through appropriate installation. The chimney's outer walls are insulated with mineral wool. The device's construction allows the exchanger to be cleaned without its dismounting. Control over the chimney should be integrated with controller installed in the kiln.



Technical data

Type of exchanger

GS 95 Klingenbur

Motor power

kW 0.75

Air flow (optimal)

m3/h up to 1,750

Exchange efficiency (temperature)

% 93

Thermal energy savings

% up to 35



komin rekuperacyjny

1. exchanger assembly
2. regulation assembly
3. counter
-flow exchanger
4. axial fan reversible
5. flaps (actuator-controlled, used for airflow rate adjustment)
6. rotary electric actuator
7. tank

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