Chamber-type kiln for drying timber and prefabricated elements. Features of SK kiln:

  • loading space of a single chamber: 73 - 410 m3
  • module / chamber- structure with inner ceiling, no passage-type
  • insulation based on polyurethane material or mineral wool (SKW line)
  • reversionary circulation of air
  • automatic control in standard equipment
  • as an option „white beech” drying – to retain natural colour of wood

Heating systems

Ceramic prefurnace is used to burn woodchips.
  • Works with additional heat exchanger, for example KWH boilers
  • nominal thermal power range: 50 - 1000 kW
  • fuel humidity range: 30% - 50%; 40% - 60% (depends on the AZSD)


This device is intended for gasification (gas production) of wood, its production waste or wood-based fuels. Then the obtained gas can be used in heating – through combustion in central heating boilers, or in electric energy generation – when cleaned, it is delivered to combustion engines that drive electric generators.


Machine tools

DF-140 rounding machine is used to produce round shaped logs (diameter range is from 40 to 150 mm). Logs/poles after processing are used in construction, gardening and agriculture industries. They can be used in the land melioration.


Spray booths

Dry spray booth is the device ventilating the place of spraying and trapping paint in form of fog.
Dry spray booths is used to work in point-room to exhaust air fouled by vapours or gases, which mixed with air can create explosive mixture. They are as dangerous as painter/s naphta, xylene,toluene and methanol (the explosiveness group: IIA and temperature T4).



We use: turret punching, CNC plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, welding, Machining, Balancing, Painting and shot-blasting of surfaces, sheet forming, designing and manufacturing tools


Engineering works

ZM Hamech's Engineering Department gathers highly experienced designers, possessing vast knowledge on designing machines of different types. Owing to application of modern design-supporting software, we are able to design very complex structures. We can also verify our designs, both in terms of functional operation of mechanisms (kinematic simulation), and strength (using the FEM). If you seek custom design solutions, please contact our Engineering Department.



LIGNA - World fair for the forestry and wood industry‎

11-15.V.2015, Hannover, hall 13, E46

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Agro international fairs Show

19-22. IX.2014, Bednary (Poznań), open area, C sector, stall 619
16-19. IX.2014, Poznań, pavilion 5 sector A
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