We provide the following machining-related services:

1) Conventional and CNC milling:


We have various types of multipurpose, horizontal and vertical millers at our disposal. Our services include also treatment of

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elements at gantry-type milling machine with envelope of 1150x4000 mm. This device has a horizontal spindle and two vertical ones with possibility of turning. It enables processing of two planes – vertical and horizontal, without necessity of a detail's


CNC milling is done on FYJ40RN machine with SINUMERIK 810 numeric control. Basic machine parameter

s are as follows:

  • router table shift range: X=1,375 mm. Y=430 mm. Z=450 mm
  • max. spindle revolutions: 1,120 rpm


2) Conventional and CNC turning: TUR-50SN/DC


The assignments are taken care of on both conventional and numerically controlled turning lathes.

Conventional turning is done within:

  • max. element diameter: 1,150 mm
  • max. element length: 3,000 mm


CNC processing is carried out on TUR-50SN/DC turning lathes with the following parameters:

  • swing over bed diameter: 520 mm
  • swing over support diameter: 300 mm
  • spacing of centers: 2,000 mm
  • max. spindle revolutions: 2,240 rpm


3) Processing with drilling and milling machines: Drilling and milling machine


Drilling and milling machines are mainly used in processing bores in elements as body of significant dimensions, mass and required high treatment accuracy. These machines allow for wide range of turning, drilling and milling works. The most distinguishable are turning operations with use of boring bars while processing. Typical operations performed with drilling and milling machines are as follows: turning bores with boring bar set on spindle or two side-supported, turning grooves in a bore, bore facing, counter boring, drilling and reaming

We perform these operations with horizontally positioned spindle. Basic parameters of our devices are as follows:

  • router table measurements: 1,100x1,000 mm
  • spacing of centers: 2,500 mm


4) Planing and slotting: Slotting machine


Planing is performed with either transverse or lengthwise two-stand planing machine. Processing table measurements are 700x3200 mm.

Slotting is applied where milling is not possible. In particular in case of mold bores. e.g. square-shaped, or need to execute internal splineways. Max. pitch of our slotting machine is 140 mm.


5) Fine finishing with jig drilling machine (of coordinate type):

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Jig drilling machine is one of the basic machines found in our tool-room. It allows for wide range of works while keeping very high finishing accuracy. We provide our services in:

  • drilling and turning bores
  • fine milling
  • bore grinding


This machine is mainly used for processing attachment elements, where, for obvious reasons, it is required to maintain very high finishing accuracy.



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6) Grinding planes, shafts and bores:

The assigned works are performed with a grinder at centers' holes for shafts enabling lengthwise and infeed processing in semi-automatic mode. We also provide services related to bore grinding on bore and face grinders, as well flat planes grinding on plane grinders.




General parameters of machines at our stock are as follows:

  • max. measurements of processing table for plane grinder: 1,000x400 mm
  • max. dimensions and weight of shafts being ground: fi 300x2,000 and max weight of 350 kg
  • bore grinder: max grinding diameter fi300, spindle pitch 160 mm


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