Selecting device being combination of HWP hydraulic selector and worm conveyors (horizontal and skew) is used to select wood chips, chunk wood and other kind of biomass from a rectangular-shaped container and move it into the heating system furnace chamber. The hydraulic selector is constructed from welded shapes, which slide forth and back on runners at the bottom of the tank. The selector is actuator-driven from hydraulic installation. The fuel is fed by the selector onto horizontal conveyor, and part of fuel gets to the conveyor's housing, while the rest is scraped. Then from the horizontal conveyor the fuel is transported through dumping system onto skew conveyor, and then with worm conveyor it is transported by rotary feeder to the heating system furnace chamber. The device's operation is controlled by automatics, which can be operated in either automatic or manual mode.


Floor dischargers (1) slide forth and back on runners at the bottom of the tank. Depending on proper profile of arms during the selector motion, the fuel transport takes place towards feeding channel, where screw conveyor (2) is installed. Prop shaft moves the fuel through duct installed in the dump recess (7) onto skew conveyor (3), which then is transported to target location, e.g. furnace buffer tank (skew conveyor is not included in standard-delivered HWP equipment).

Selector arms are driven by actuators (4) from hydraulic power supply (5). Horizontal conveyor prop shaft is mechanically driven by a gearmotor.


Normally the selector control system comprises the following units: control cabinet, wiring, executive elements and sensors assembly.

Basically the control system is designed to cooperate with additional unit, which transports fuel to containers, e.g. AZT (unit based on fuel presence sensors)

The HWP control system is based on a programmable PLC controller, which is responsible for controlling the selector sections using information received from sensors of dischargers’ positions and an external unit (e.g. AZT, AZSD controller, etc.). The PLC controller has also time algorithm implemented, which can be used e.g. in case if position sensors' failure occurs. Adequate time setpoints can be modified by the PLC controller panel. It is also possible to turn on particular executive elements of the unit in manual mode with switches installed in the control cabinet. Additionally, the unit includes elements which stop drives if horizontal conveyor channel is overloaded.

The PLC controller is equipped with a keyboard and a display providing the user with information on working modes or potential failure.

 Hydrauliczny wybierak trocin HWT

HWP hydraulic bottom (single section)

1. Discharger, 2. Horizontal worm conveyor, 3. Skew worm conveyor (additional equipment), 4. Hydraulic actuator, 5. Hydraulic power supply, 6. Control cabinet, 7. Dump recess, 8. Fuel


Hydrauliczny wybierak paliwa (hwp)



Technical data for typical versions of HWP Hydraulic fuel selector





Capacity of a single section of silo for H=3[m]





Worm diameter (productivity)


Φ200 (up to 16 m3/h) / Φ315 (up to 115 m3/h)

Power demand (pump + gearmotor)


5.2 - 9.5

Hydraulic system capacity




Measurement (A)





Measurement (B)





Hydrauliczny wybierak trocin - wymiary

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