PW-10 kiln is aimed at thermal modification of both deciduous and coniferous wood. Wood is treated in steam conditions and at the temperature up to 200°C. As a result of the process some physical and chemical properties are improved as well as color of wood is modified.
The absolute humidity of thermally modified wood is 8%. In the modification process the wood is heated in superheated water vapor conditions. Fuel oil is used as a heat energy source. Wood is loaded into a kiln on trolleys.
A microprocessor controller is responsible for an operation of a kiln.
A kiln is made of aluminum and corrosion resistant materials. As an insulation a hydrophobic wool thick of 150 mm is used. The kiln consists of two parts: a heating device and a load chamber. 

PW-10 kiln

  PW-10 PW-12 PW-15
Outer dimensions (w x l x h)
4,46m x 3,8m x 2,5 m
5,08m x 3,9m x 2,57m
6,5 x 3,8 x 2,57
Loading space dimensions.( w x l x h) 2,7m x 2,5m x 1,8m 3,3m x 2,45m x 1,8m 4,3 x 2x2 x 1,8
Fuel oil heating power 70kW 100kW
Power consumption ~2,6kW ~3,5kW
Water for wetting-cooling installation pressure 2 do 3 atm
Water vapour parametes  rate of flow ~10 l/min
pressure 0.05MPa
temperature 110 °C
rate of flow 120 kg/h
Trolley dimensions (2pcs) - (w x l x h) 1,2m x 2,5m x 0,15m 1,5m x 2,5m x 0,15m 1,2 x 2,5 x 0,15
Automatic controlling microprocessor controller
Protection Prevention from exceeding save technologic parameters

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