AZSD+KWH heating set is a modern device used to produce heat energy by burning waste wood/biomass, i.e. sawdust, wood chips, shavings, bark etc. Gasification and combustion of sawdust, biomass takes place in AZSD furnace (gasifier). Then the hot combustion gases are blown into KWH boiler, where the heat is transmitted to the boiler-room plant.



AZZP-180 type burner is used to burn the following types of fuel: wood waste in form of wood chips, pellet, sawdust with moisture of 40%. Max. granulation of fuel is 30 mm. The device can cooperate with open system central heating boilers.


Straw-fired kiln POS-1000

The unit is mainly used for delivering hot air into kilns for drying cereals, herbs and timber. If heat discharge tank is applied the unit can operate as central heating system supply.


Fuel storing and supplying

KWP type container biomass selector with discharger is used to collect and feed fuels, i.e. wood waste in form of wood chips with moisture of 40%, shredded cereal and corn straw to fuel burning device. The container is cubicoid-shaped.



The HAMECH’ chimneys are free-standing structures without pull off systems. The coat of the chimney is made of G-235 steel pipe. The chimneys are delivered in parts which are jointed together on customer’ site. The are also covered with a silicate-zinc paint and a heat resistant polivinilate enamel. The silicate-zinc paint after it has dried up makes coating compared to zinc coating.


Smoke cyclones

Smoke cyclones are used to absorb dust (mainly erosive dust) from combustion gases of industrial boilers. Equipped with a fan in standard version, a cyclone improves the operation of the boiler.The use of a cyclone allows for instalation of the smaller chimney, what makes cost of a boiler-room lower.



Apart from manufacturing of boiler-room equipment, our company provides their installation at Client's. Our installation teams have adequate experience and use professional tools, which combined together allows for fast execution of the clients' orders. So far we have managed to execute few hundred boiler-rooms both in Poland, as well as abroad.



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