The ZGH is a device that uses as a fuel comminuted wood of granulation to 30 [mm] and humidity to 40 [%]. The ZGH ranges from 100, 300, 600 to 1000 [kW]. Dry wood chips can be used in the ZGH without use a humidifying device. It is recommended to use a smoke cyclone ( it helps to clean out exhaust fumes). Parts of the ZGH that are exposed to flames are made of special quality steel (heat resistant steel). The outcome is the higher durability of the devices. The anti-fire installation prevents the ZGH from fire reversing, the ZGH-600 and -1000 kW are equipped additionally with a chute channel.

There are two types of controller in the ZGH: SH2/E  (ZGH-100) or SE4/Ems (ZGH-300, ZGH-600, ZGH-1000), the controllers are based on the MRT temperature microprocessor regulator, equipped with a keyboard and a display that allows for easy use and observation of current parameters. The controller contains function of overloading of feeder drives and overheating the boiler. As an option there is available low level of water signaling set (SPWT).

The ZGH can work with other types of fuel tanks available in HAMECH’ offer. As an option we can offer the boiler-room equipment (pipes net, expansion vessel, pumps) and chimney installation. Our offer ranges from a device choice, manufacturing, transport and an assembly.



The exchanger (p. 1) is a pressure vessel of pipe – coat structure, welded with steel sheets and pipes of properly chosen kind. A furnace (p. 2) is made of metal housing and a heat resistant ceramic chamber. The housing consists of a double coat, inside which there are air channels to regulate air amount and to cool the outer coat. The ceramic chamber is a heat accumulator made of heat resistant bricks and high temperature resistant cement. At the lower part of the furnace chamber there are the grates (here fuel burning takes place). A fuel tank (p. 3) can be of a worm conveyor, with movable shield, and of arm spring type. The ZGH is recommended to work with a smoke cyclone (p. 4).

Zespół grzewczy ZGH 600, 1000 - schemat budowy

ZGH-600, ZGH-1000, 1. exchanger, 2. furnace, 3. fuel tank, 4. smoke cyclone, 5. controller, 6. chute channel

Zespół grzewczy ZGH 100, 300 - schemat budowy

ZGH-100, ZGH-300, 1. exchanger, 2. furnace, 3. fuel tank, 4. smoke cyclone, 5. controller

The fuel is transported from a tank via a worm conveyor to a furnace where the fuel is gasified and burnt. The exhaust fumes from the furnace flow along side walls to a reverse chamber. Then they flow further through the first row of combustion tubes to the next reverse chamber. Next the exhaust fumes flow through the upper row of the combustion tubes to the outlet of the ZGH and to the smoke cyclone and further to a chimney. In the smoke cyclone the fumes are cleaned out. The fans provide air that is necessary to correct gasification. The operation of the ZGH is controlled by a controller (implementing required application).  ZGH-100  is controlled by  SH2/E controller and  ZGH-300, ZGH-600  and  ZGH-1000 are equipped with  SE4/Ems . Setting the required program for burning process is carried out with knobs of main and axillary burning on the desk of controller and with the knob of water temperature on the outlet of the boiler where are two sensors: the sensor of preset temperature and the sensor of maximum temperature (95°C).

Every device is protected against backfire with anti-fire installation (water tank, thermostatic valve and sensor). Heating sets of bigger power (ZGH-600 and ZGH-1000) contain chute channel (p.6) separating upper and lower feeders.

Technical dataZGH-100ZGH-300ZGH-600ZGH-1000
Nominal thermal power [kW] 110 300 600 1000
[kcal/h] 94600 258000 516000 860000
Fuel consumption(1) [kg/h] 38.5 105 210 350
[mp/24h] 3.05 8.4 20 34
Tank capacity [m3] 1.5/2.3 2.3/4.4
Power consumption [kW] 0.95 2.5 2.45/3 5.15/5.7
Power supply voltage [V] 230/400(2) 400
Average heated habitable surface [m2] 700 1920 3900 6400
Weight [kg] 1850 5000 10000 15200
Dimension (A) [mm] 1580 2270 3000 3150
Dimension (B) [mm] 2860 3350 3600 4770
Dimension (C) [mm] 2820 3750 4000 4700
Dimension (D) [mm] 960 1310 1740 1900
Dimension (E) [mm] 2100 3000 3300 3950
Dimension (F) [mm] 1520/2150 2950/3620
  1. With nominal power, n.c.v. 17600 [kJ/kg], humidity 25 [%]
  2. 230V - special implementation
Gabaryty zespołu ZGH Gabaryty zespołu ZGH - rzut z góry

Heating set ZGH - dimensions





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