Heating set ZGH Plus for combustion of wood-based MDF and HDF boards NEW

ZGH plusThe heating set is a modern device suitable for burning shredded wood waste, and in particular chip-board and wood-based waste containing less than 1% of halogenated solvents pursuant to act on waste, and in particular resolution of the Minister of Economy on requirements for the process of thermal waste conversion.
The heating seat ZGH Plus is designed for producing hot water with temperature of up to 95°C in an open system.
The construction of the heating set ensures that the burnt particles contained in combustion gases remain for at least 2 seconds in temperature not less than 850°C through the development of two ceramic ceilings. The afterburner chamber, where the particle should remain is respectively larger and also fitted with burner which, if needed, provides an additional portion of energy to ensure that the minimal temperature is kept at 850°C.
The furnace chamber, and also the afterburner chamber are lined with fire-proof concrete resistant to erosion and abrasion.
The movable or piling grate, supported by dusting grate, provides for even distribution of the fuel in the furnace chamber, ensuring optimal combustion conditions and enabling the material to be burnt completely. The grate is cooled with air which is also considered as the primary air for combustion and is fed into few zones with possibility of adjusting its quantity as desired.
Automatic fuel feeding system provides for adjusting the fuel quantity to current capacity of the heat reception for maintaining the temperature of 850°C.
The automatic combustion process adjustment system is equipped with continual measuring mechanism for temperature, combustion gas temperature, oxygen contents in the afterburner chamber.
The combustion gas treatment system, equipped with a multi smoke cyclone, ensures that value limits for emissions are kept as defined in the resolution of the Minister of Environment issued on 4th August 2003 on emission standards of installation.
The boiler automation system can be expanded by additional functions useful for the user as e.g. GSM-MT module enabling for sending text messages in case alerts occur.

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