AZSD+KWH heating set is a modern device used to produce heat energy by burning waste wood/biomass, i.e. sawdust, wood chips, shavings, bark etc. Gasification and combustion of sawdust, biomass takes place in AZSD furnace (gasifier). Then the hot combustion gases are blown into KWH boiler, where the heat is transmitted to the boiler-room plant.



Heating set is based on AZSD furnace and KWH boiler:

AZSD - Automated Wood Waste Combustion Unit

AZSD furnace is suitable for automated combustion of sawdust/biomass with granulation up to 30 mm and moisture of 30 - 60%.

Application of additional moisture content increasing assembly enables combustion of dry fuel also. The device is the gasifier, comprising of a heat resistant, ceramic chamber covered with double coating, inside of which there are adequately designed air channels. Other components of this device are fuel tank with platform, worm conveyor, fan and anti-fire tank. The AZSD device has also a multipurpose connection, owing to which fuel tank can be replaced directly with ZWT-S selector device... more (AZSD product site) »


KWH - KWH Water boiler

KWH Boiler is a conventional water boiler suitable for cooperation with furnace or AZSD furnace set.

The boiler's structure is of bent/welded type, where heatable surface are walls of chamber, exchanger and combustion tubes. The grid is also included into boiler's water circulation. Boilers with power values above 110 kW have a divided construction (combustion chamber, exchanger). Boiler versions vary, according to type of heating set which it operates within. AZSD furnaces can be connected at the boiler's face and also side walls... more (KWH product site)»

AZSD + KWH heating set features possibility of any configuration depending on power demand, available boiler-room, etc. For instance, a set of 600 kW power can be configured as KWH-600 + AZSD-500 connected at the face, left or right wall, or as KWH-600 + 2 x AZSD-250 connected at the face, at the face and side wall or two furnaces on side walls respectively. The latter configuration allows e.g. operating a single furnace (1/2 installed power). The AZSD+KWH set can also be used for traditional boiler combustion. There is also possibility of creating a set, using an existing installed boiler, by providing adequate connections to furnaces.



In 2015 our offer is expanded by a new series of SE controllers fitted with a touch, colour 7” HMI panel al­lowing for control and modification of parameters and current heating set work status. At any moment the user can monitor (depending on controller version) values for oxygen contents in combustion gas (meas­ured by Lambda probe), furnace temperature, combustion gas tem­perature, boiler temperature, feeder temperature, water level in boiler and sub pressure in combustion chamber.

It is possible to control the oper­ation of movable grate, ash removal installation, exhaust fan, primary and secondary air fans and fuel feeding system. Additionally the automated control system is fitted with protec­tion against backfire in feeder con­duit. As soon as a failure or an alert occurs, the messages with date and time of recorded commencement and termination appear, and the user can be notified on this via sms or e-mail.

The heating set operation can also be monitored and controlled through the website. The controller as well supervises the ash container filling level, and if exceeded, a mes­sage is sent. The heating set auto­matic system can be operated either in automatic or manual mode.

sterownik se-500

sterownik se-500

Touch controller for KWH and AZSD for burners with powers of 180 kW and more.

For a hydraulically fed burner of the Redler type, the user can decide which alerts are to be sent via sms by putting a green mark next to the corresponding items.

sterownik se-500

For the Redler-equipped plant, it is also possible to set the ash remov­er operation and idle time, movable grate operation time and frequency (which should be subject to chang­es according to fuel purity). Moreo­ver, the fuel feeder and the movable grate can be operated either in auto­matic or manual mode.


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