KWP 10 and KWP 40 Container fuel selector NEW

KWP type container biomass selector with discharger is used to collect and feed fuels, i.e. wood waste in form of wood chips with moisture of 40%, shredded cereal and corn straw to fuel burning device. The container is cubicoid-shaped.


Redler Scraper conveyor NEW

Scraper conveyor is used to convey fuel to piston feeder, being component of the boiler's equipment, particularly for burning mix of bark, sawdust and production chunk wood with granulation of: 50 mm x 30 mm x 300 mm, moisture max. 50%, whereas chunk wood is max. 50% of the mix contents.


HWP Hydraulic fuel selector

Selecting device being combination of HWP hydraulic selector and worm conveyors (horizontal and skew) is used to select wood chips, chunk wood and other kind of biomass from a rectangular-shaped container and move it into the heating system furnace chamber.


ZOD Silos

ZOD silo is a steel container used to collect and store wood waste (chips, sawdust, etc.), being result of wood treatment. It is constructed in two versions with capacities of either 120 m3 or 180 m3.


ZP Worm conveyor

ZP screw/worm conveyor is suitable for transporting biomass, being wood waste, such as sawdust, shredded bark or shavings. Our company is able to provide both horizontal and skew conveyors. Set of conveyors can be prepared for manual feeding or adjusted to receive the fuel from a fuel tank. Generally, it is used to feed sawdust into the AZSD furnace buffer tank or ZGH heating system.



LIGNA - World fair for the forestry and wood industry‎

11-15.V.2015, Hannover, hall 13, E46

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Agro international fairs Show

19-22. IX.2014, Bednary (Poznań), open area, C sector, stall 619
16-19. IX.2014, Poznań, pavilion 5 sector A
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