Drying kiln for fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices M-803

M-803 kiln is used for drying fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. The products are hanged on the sieves of the specialtrolleys and the trolleys are placed in the drying chamber.


Tobacco drying kiln M-860

M-860 drying kiln is aimed at drying tobacco leaves. The housing of the kiln is made of zinc-plated sheets filled in with poliurethane foam of 45 mm thick and the heat transfer coefficient of 0,022 W/mK. The kiln is divided into two parts: a boiler room and a drying chamber.


Bakery drying kiln M-860/B

M-860/B kiln is aimed at drying bakery product. Its application can found in backhouses to produce breadcrumbs. The bakery is dried in the baskets made of acid-proof material. The baskets equipped with rolls are put in the chamber on the runners. In a standard version the kiln is powered by fuel oil but there is an option to power the M-860/B by gas.


Electric kiln ST-2

ST-2 electric kiln depending on equipment installed is used for drying different material such as textiles, printing, vegetable, fruit, herbs etc. The ST2 is a free-standing kiln of chamber type prepared to work in cycle. The kiln is prepared to put the trolleys directly to the chamber. The electric heaters are the source of heater power in the ST2 kiln.



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