ST-2 electric kiln depending on equipment installed is used for drying different material such as textiles, printing, vegetable, fruit, herbs etc. The ST2 is a free-standing kiln of chamber type prepared to work in cycle. The kiln is prepared to put the trolleys directly to the chamber. The electric heaters are the source of heater power in the ST2 kiln.

The drying process comes down to keeping required temperature during the work of kiln. The process is carried out until preset humidity in the chamber is reached. Current parameters in the chamber are displayed on the controller.



Frame and inner walls are made of aluminium. Insulation of the chamber is glass wool of 80 mm thick. Outer walls are made ofgalvanized, lacquered steel sheet. Main parts of the kiln are:

Data for the kiln prepared for drying textile materialsST-2
Outer dimensions Length [mm] 1560
Height [mm] 2205
Width [mm] 1100
Loading space dimensions Length [mm] 1260
Height [mm] 1460
Width [mm] 940
Power consumption [kW] 10
Power supply voltage [V] 3x400
Fan motor's power [kW] 0.9
Heaters' power [kW] 6x1.5
Rotary speed of fan [rev/min] 1405
  • heater,
  • fan,
  • inlet chimney,
  • outlet chimney,
  • controller with electric installation.

The heater consists of electric heater that generate required temperature inside the chamber.

The fan produces air circulation inside the chamber. It is an axial fan with rotor set directly on the motor. The motor is prepared to work at the temperature of 100°C and of air humidity up to 100%.

Inlet/outlet chimneys regulate air humidity inside the chamber of the kiln. They are used to remove humid air and deliver “dry”' air from outside the kiln.

The controller with electric installation regulates the work of the kiln. Required parameters of drying process are the temperature and required humidity. Current parameters inside the chamber such as the temperature and humidity are shown on the display of the controller. The drying process is completed when the required humidity has been reached.

The kiln possesses slides for trolley with material to be dried. The construction of the trolley depends on the material to be dried.


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