Timber drying

Chamber-type kiln for drying timber and prefabricated elements. Features of SK kiln:

  • loading space of a single chamber: 73 - 410 m3
  • module / chamber- structure with inner ceiling, no passage-type
  • insulation based on polyurethane material or mineral wool (SKW line)
  • reversionary circulation of air
  • automatic control in standard equipment
  • as an option „white beech” drying – to retain natural colour of wood


Grain drying

The unit comprises: furnace suitable for burning straw bales or Heston cubes, waste gas/air exchanger, pre air/water heat exchanger, combustion chamber fan, heater blower fan, control system.


Food drying

M-803 kiln is used for drying fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. The products are hanged on the sieves of the specialtrolleys and the trolleys are placed in the drying chamber.


Steaming kilns

The steam drying chamber is of chamber type and set on the foundation. The free-standing skeleton construction is made of aluminium profiles and housed by heat insulating panels of 100 mm thick, (alluminium walls and stone wool). The sealing between profiles and the rest of construction is made of the special heat-and moisture resistant silicone paste.



Apart from manufacturing of drying kilns, our company provides their installation at Client's, too. Our installation teams have adequate experience and use professional tools, which combined together allows for fast execution of the clients' orders. So far we have managed to execute few hundred facilities for drying both in Poland, and abroad.



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