M-803 kiln is used for drying fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. The products are hanged on the sieves of the specialtrolleys and the trolleys are placed in the drying chamber.

M-803 is a kiln of chambered type and of frame construction. The kiln housing is made of heat-insulating panels of 45mm thick. Inside layer of walls is made of aluminium, outside layers are galvanized, varnished steel. Walls are filled in with polyurethane foam). Steel parts of the kiln are covered with special layer used to protect devices in food industry.

M-803 consists of three parts:

  • a heating fan set
  • a drying chamber
  • loading trolleys

M-803/O version uses heating oil burner (with fuel tank, fumes-air exchanger, supply system). Two axial fans in the heat-fan set provide reverse circulation of air in the drying chamber. In the chamber there are two trolleys with 28 sieves for one trolley.

The humid air is removed from the chamber via ventilating chimneys system. The preset parameters of the drying process (temperature and humidity) are controlled by automatic control system: a controlling board, measurement elements, servomotors for regulating vent chimneys). No special foundation is required, the M-803 is placed on even concrete floor.

Technical dataM-803/O
Outer dimensions Length [mm] 4575
Height [mm] 2470
Width [mm] 2620
Air heater Fuel - heating oil
Thermal power [kW] 70
Average fuel consumption [kg/h] 1.58
Thermal efficiency [%] 92.7
Drying fan Type - SK-700
Number [pcs] 2
Rotor revolution [rev/min] 1400
Output (max.) [m3/h] 16200
Accumulation (max) [Pa] 540
Motor [kW] 2.2
Drying agent - hot air
Drying efficiency - to 65 kg of water removed from the material during 1 hour
Heat consumption for evaporation [MJ/kg] 3.733
Single load weight [kg] to 600
Loading type - manual
Trolley number [pcs] 2
Sieves number on the trolley [pcs] 28
Sieve dimensions [mm] 1100x1100
Power supply voltage [V] 3x380

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