The DQKF-2 type kilns are applied for dry timbers and factory lumbers made of coniferous and deciduous trees.
The dryers are of segment construction. The length of one segment is 1480mm, and the length of the dryer is the length of all segments. From 2 to 10 segments can be joined together.
Construction is made of aluminium and stainless steel. A skeleton consists of a frames and connectors. The side - floor-walls and door are made of panels filled in polyurethane foam. Outer walls are of aluminium sheets, inner walls are of acrylic sheets.
The DQKF-2 is a connection of two DQKE-140 chambers, it means that one segment of DQKF-2 consists of two chambers, each of them is an equivalent of one DQKE-140 segment.
There is a heating-ventilating set in each segment. The set consists of SK-600 reverse fan, stainless radiator and top and bottom steering gears. Air movement is crosswise to the stock on the pallet or industrial car in the dryer. The radiators are made of bimetallic tubes with heat exchange surface of 1,5 running meter.
Heating installation can be performed to supply by steam or water. There is also humiditing installation supplied only water of 0,2 MPa pressure, independently to used heating agent. Whole dryier is equipped with chimneys set and electrical installation.
The chamber possesses two doors (transitive chamber).
There is rail-track in the dryer (of 600 mm spacing).
Heating installation of every segment is ended by distributive set with valves, terminals of heating agent and water used to humiditing.
There is a measure-controlling set, essential for drying process. The measuring set is in the chamber and controlling devices are in control box.

Drying kiln DQKF-2 - construction

Model / ParameterDQKF 2/2DQKF 2/3DQKF 2/4DQKF 2/5DQKF 2/6DQKF 2/7DQKF 2/8DQKF 2/9DQKF 2/10
Outer dimensions (on the outline) length [mm] 3200 4680 6160 7640 9120 10600 12080 13560 15040
width 4720
height 2870
Loading space dimensions length [mm] 3040 4520 6000 7480 8960 10440 11920 13400 14880
width 2x1400
height (1) 1700
Single load [m3] (25mm separator) Timber of 25 mm [m3] 6,4 9,6 12,8 16 19,2 22,4 25,6 28,8 32
Timber of 50 mm 8,6 12,9 17,2 21,5 25,8 30,1 34,4 38,7 43,0
Average thermal power consumption [kW] 2x24 2x35 2x47 2x60 2x70 2x82 2x95 2x108 2x120
Average power consumption 2x1,9 2x2,8 2x3,7 2x4,7 2x5,6 2x6,5 2x7,4 2x8,3 2x9,2
(1) - using the loading cart of 300[mm]


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Suszarnia do drewna
DQKF 2/2
Wymiary zewnętrzne
Długość (C)
Wysokość (B)
Szerokość (A)
Wymiary przestrzeni załadowczej
Długość (F)
Wysokość (E)
Szerokość (D)
Jednorazowy załadunek
tarcica gr. 25mm
tarcica gr. 50mm
Pobór mocy elektrycznej
Pobór mocy cieplnej
1. Wymiar określony po obrysie ścian
2. Przy zastosowaniu wózka załadowczego o wysokości 300 [mm]
3. Przekładka 25 [mm]

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