DQKE-140 type kiln is applied for drying timbers and wood semi-products made of coniferous and deciduous trees. Timber is arranged on the trucks prepared to be used in this type of a kiln. Other arrangement of timber in the kiln is also available. Basic principle of arrangement is put the timber along the walls of a chamber, perpendicular to the flow of air inside a chamber.

Drying process in a standard version of DQKE-140 is of manual mode: all elements of the process (their setting and controlling) in the chamber are supervised by a kiln’ service. Automatic process of drying ( all parameters necessary in the drying process are set and kept-up automatically according to preset program) is also available.




The kiln is of a module construction, adding modules we can get a kiln consisting of up to 10 modules.

Dimensions of one module:

  • breadth: 2400 [mm]
  • height: 2860 [mm]
  • length: 1480 [mm]

Every module is equipped with a separate heating-ventilating set. Heating installation can be fed by steam or hot water. DQKE-140 is available from 2 to 10 modules.

A kiln works in cyclic mode. DKQE-140 is a free-standing construction set on the foundation. It can also be set inside buildings. In a standard version, there are loading doors on both sides of a chamber, which allows for timber to be loaded on both sides of a kiln. In a standard version, timber is arranged on the trucks moving on rails (rails track – 600 mm).




A module consists of a housing (1) and a skeleton (2). Material used when manufactured is aluminum and acid-proof. A supporting structure is made of a skeleton with insulating panels. Elements of the skeleton are supporting frames put on the channel iron. The housing is made of panels of 80 mm thick, filled in with stiff polyurethane foam and aluminum inner walls (outer walls are made of steel covered with acrylic paint).

DQKE-140 kiln

Ventilating set (3) produces necessary air flow inside a chamber. The set consists of a fan set and a steering wheel. The fan is of axial and unidirectional type. The steering wheel is used when timber is set on the trucks and directs air flow to a stack of timber.

Heating installation (4) is responsible for obtaining and keeping proper temperature of drying process. Elements of the set are heaters, feed and return pipes, valves. The heaters, made of bimetallic pipes, are very energy efficient

Humidification installation (5) is responsible for controlling air humidity in the chamber according with drying process requirements. Sprayers, feeding pipes and a filter – cut off set are main parts of the installation. The sprayers produce water mist. Elements of the installation are made of copper material.

Inner ceiling (10) separates the fans from the stack of timber and affects air circulation inside a chamber.

Inlet and outlet chimneys (7) control air humidity in a kiln. Humid air is removed from the kiln and “dry” air is delivered from outside via the chimneys. The chimneys control is manual by use of servomotor.

Psychrometer (wet and dry bulb thermometer) (6) measures air humidity in a kiln. It consists of 2 temperature sensor (“dry” and “wet”), water box and a wick put on the ”wet” sensor. Air humidity determination is based on the temperature difference, psychrometer and psychrometric table.

Wiring system (8) consists of a control box and wiring. The box is used to control fan motors and the chimney servomotors, and reading temperature parameters from the temperature sensors (“wet” and “dry”). Wiring is adopted for power supply with four- and five- conductor cables using a counter-current switch.



Type: / Charactersitic valueDQKE 140/2DQKE 140/3DQKE 140/4DQKE 140/5DQKE 140/6DQKE 140/7DQKE 140/8DQKE 140/9DQKE 140/10
Outer dimensions (on the outline)
breadth [mm] 2400
height [mm] 2870
length [mm] 3200 4680 6160 7640 9120 10600 12080 13560 15040
Loading space dimensions
breadth [mm] 1400
height [mm] 1700
length [mm] 3040 4520 6000 7480 8960 10440 11920 13400 14880
Single load [m3] (25mm separator)
Timber of 25 [mm] 3,2 4,8 6,4 8 9,6 11,2 12,8 14,4 16
Timber of 50 [mm] 4,3 6,45 8,6 10,75 12,9 15,06 117,2 19,35 21,5
Average thermal power consumption
[kW] 24 35 47 60 70 82 95 108 120
Average power consumption
[kW] 1,9 2,8 3,7 4,7 5,6 6,5 7,4 8,3 9,2


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Suszarnia do drewna
DQKE 140/2
Wymiary zewnętrzne
Długość (C)
Wysokość (B)
Szerokość (A)
Wymiary przestrzeni załadowczej
Długość (F)
Wysokość (E)
Szerokość (D)
Jednorazowy załadunek
tarcica gr. 25mm
tarcica gr. 50mm
Pobór mocy elektrycznej
Pobór mocy cieplnej
1. Wymiar określony po obrysie ścian
2. Przy zastosowaniu wózka załadowczego o wysokości 300 [mm]
3. Przekładka 25 [mm]

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