Boiler with hydraulic feeding NEW

Heating set designed for burning mix of bark, saw­dust and production chunk wood with granulation of: 50mm x 30mm x 300mm (max. moisture of 50%, where­as chunk wood is max. 50% of the mix contents) in or­der to produce hot water for heating or technological purposes.


Water boiler with double combustion chamber NEW

The boiler is used to produce hot water with tempera­ture of 95°C. It can operate with heating system with pres­sure of max. 3 bars. It allows for burning shredded wood with moisture of up to 40%, as well as chunk one.


Water boiler with burner for carbiopellet and pellet NEW

KWH-180S+AZZP-180C boiler with burner is used to burn carbiopellet or pellet and produce hot water with temperature of 95°C. It can operate with open heating system with pressure of max. 3 bars.


Water boiler with burner for woodchips, sawdust, pellet, turf NEW

KWH25+AZZP-50 Boiler for woodchips, sawdust, pellet, turf is used to burn wood waste in form of woodchips with moisture of up to 40% and produce heated water with temperature of 95°C.


Automated Woodwaste Combustion Unit AZSD

Ceramic prefurnace is used to burn woodchips.
  • Works with additional heat exchanger, for example KWH boilers
  • nominal thermal power range: 50 - 1000 kW
  • fuel humidity range: 30% - 50%; 40% - 60% (depends on the AZSD)


Water boiler KWH

Multi-fuel water boiler is used to burn solid fuel or as a heat exchanger coupled with AZSD

  • coupled with AZSD
  • nominal thermal power range: 55 - 2000 kW


Heating set AZSD+KWH

AZSD+KWH heating set is a modern device used to produce heat energy by burning waste wood/biomass, i.e. sawdust, wood chips, shavings, bark etc. Gasification and combustion of sawdust, biomass takes place in AZSD furnace (gasifier). Then the hot combustion gases are blown into KWH boiler, where the heat is transmitted to the boiler-room plant.


Heating Set ZGH

Heating set is used to burn woodchips.
  • No heat exchanger needed (KWH boiler for AZSD)
  • nominal thermal power range: 110 - 1000 kW
  • fuel humidity: up to 40%


Alsocomplete equipment for boiler rooms

We provide all equipment necessary for a boiler-room



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