M-860/B kiln is aimed at drying bakery product. Its application can found in backhouses to produce breadcrumbs. The bakery is dried in the baskets made of acid-proof material. The baskets equipped with rolls are put in the chamber on the runners. In a standard version the kiln is powered by fuel oil but there is an option to power the M-860/B by gas.

The drying process is automatic (microprocessor controller). Conditions inside the chamber (air temperature and air humidity) are shown on LCD display.



The kiln is of chamber-type. Housing (p. 1) and main doors (p. 9) are made of polyurethane foam-filled aluminium panels of 45mm thick. The skeleton is made of acid proof steel.

M-860/B consists of two parts: a boiler room and a drying chamber. Inside the boiler room there is fumes-air exchanger made of acid-proof material and a fuel oil burner (p. 2), a fan (p. 3), control board and fresh air inlet set (p. 8). The floor of the drying chamber is openwork type (p. 7), through the floor the hot air is delivered to the chamber, four tiers of runners (p. 5) on which the buckets (standard equipment) are placed (p. 6), a sensor and a humid air outlet chimney (p. 10). In gas powered kiln there is no oil burner and fuel installation. An assembly of the gas burner with the gas installation should be done be certified company.

M-860/B bakery drying kiln - scheme
M-860/B bakery drying kiln
1. Housing 7. Openwork floor
2. Exchanger with burner 8. Air inlet
3. Fan 9. Loading door
4. Fuel tank 10. Air outlet
5. Runner 11. Fumes outlet
6. Buckets  
General data Drying agent   hot air
Dimensions: L x W x H [mm] 6980x2954x2712
Single load weight [kg] ~1200
Loading   manual
Buckets number [pcs] 120
Bucket weight / Bucket weight with bakery [kg]/[kg] 6,1 / 16
Power [V]/[Hz] 3x400/50
Air heater Fuel   fuel oil (optionally gas)
Thermal power [kW] 70
Average fuel consumption [kg/h] 1,58
Fuel consumption with constant burner work 6,3
Thermal efficiency [%] [%] 92,7
Fan Type   TRZ-500
Number [pcs] 1
Rotor revolution [rev/min] 600
Output [m3/h] 18 000
Accumulation [Pa] 410
Motor [kW] 4

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