SK type kiln is a free standing chamber of modular construction which enables the chambers to be assembled in row. Individual requirements of the customer can be met thanks to its’ modular construction. It is designed to dry hard and soft-wood products down to 8% final humidity. There are two versions available: a standard version with a drying temperature 95° and second one to carry out low-temperature drying processes. The latter is known as “white beech” ( a process which keeps the natural colour of beech).


The kiln is made of aluminum and acid-proofed materials. The main structure consists of posts and trusses. The walls and roof panels are filled with polyurethane foam of very high insulating and thermal conductivity qualities (?=0,024 W/m°K). There is also version with glass wool available, which is cheaper than one with polyurethane foam.

Why are HAMECH's products worth buying?

  • Proven construction, hundreds  SK kilns work in Poland and abroad ( Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Białorus...)
  • insulation made of polyurethane foammeans less energy consumption, increasestability of drying process and allows for kilns to work in low outside temperatures
  • GOST-R certyfikate means the  goods meet requirements of Russian Federaton  
  • phytosanitary process is possible to be carried  out
  • variety of wood material can be dried, of varius shape, also firewood and pallets
  • fully automatic drying process on the base ofproven algorithms
  • in standard kiln there are (apart of complete kiln with controlling automatics) pump-distribution set,   collector of humidifying set and connecting piping (up to  3m from controlling room to a kiln)
  • due to panel construction  assemby, disassembly and sale  is  easy
  • in standard kiln there is stable, hydraulic, driven on two rails mechanism of door opening (one person can handle it)
  • low vulnerability of walls to  damageswhen loading and unloading(wool filling absorbs moisture coming in through  damaged walls)
  • high efficiency of heaters, directed flow of water in the heater
  • fans of HAMECH' constuction and production,tested and proven in practice
  • in any breakdown of automatics  drying processcan be carried out  manually 
  • moduled construction with an option of extension in the future
  • one supplier of all equipment: kilns and boiler-rooms and other necesary equipment
  • Technical support from constuction department

The fans are set in trusses with reverse axial fans (each of motor of 3,3 kW); they are designed to work in temperatures up to 100°C and humidity of 100%. The fans are set between the roof and false ceiling.
The heating system consists of heaters made of bimetallic tubes of high thermal efficiency, supply pipes, and a control set ( pump, tee valve, filter, and a cut-off valve).
The humidifying system is made mainly of copper. It consists of sprayers, filter-supply set and a control set with an electromagnetic valve.
The false ceiling is made of profiled aluminum sheets and separates the load space from the fan sets.
The vent set consists of inlet and outlet chimneys and is placed in the front and rear walls. Control flaps regulation is through rotating servo motors operated by a controller. In the “white beech” version are extra vents with extraction fans for intensive ventilation of a chamber.
The kiln door is a sliding type, closed by catches. The moving mechanism is a manual hydraulic pump which operates the doors. One operating mechanism can be used for more than one chamber in the row. The wing-type of the kiln door is also available.
An inspection door is fitted for examining the rear section of the chamber during the drying process.
The protective system of the stack aims at protect the stack being dried from uncontrolled movement and consists of the back-up posts in the rear part of the chamber and the protective strips in the frontal part of chamber.
A system of posts and protective strips is fitted to support the stacks of timber being dried and to control movement of the stacks during the drying process.
The automatic control system consists of MSSD-02 and MSSD-03 microprocessors. The drying process is carried out on the basis of 4- or 8- point measurement of wood humidity, psychrometric measurement of air humidity, 2-point-measurement of temperature, and supply temperature measurement.
HT thermal treatment can be added to the function of the controllers. This treatment is necessary when drying wood packaging.
The controllers allow for drying process in following modes:
- manual: manual operation enables setting all parameters in drying process;
- automatic: according to a pre-set program for final wood humidity;
- automatic: according to the customer’s own program for required wood humidity;
- automatic: according to the customer’ own program which relies on time settings for particular a drying phase;
- Semi-automatic: relying on setting the humidity in the chamber and changing it depending on requirements.
The automatic mode relies on choosing one out of a hundred of programs. It must be done by choosing the wood species, thickness, drying speed, final humidity and other parameters.
The parameters of the drying process are recorded in the memory of the controller and can be printed (a printer is part of the standard equipment). As an option, the controller can be connected to the Computer System of Kiln Supervision – KSD1, installed on a PC, enabling the control and work modification of multiple chambers.

FeatureSK- 42SK- 55SK- 60SK- 78SK-100SK-105SK-120



Outer dimensions * Width [m] 5,23 6,73 5,23 6,73 6,73 9,03 6,73
Depth [m] 7,24 7,24 7,24 7,24 8,75 7,24 10,26
Height [m] 4,41 4,41 5,61 5,61 5,61 5,61 5,61
Inner dimensions Width [m] 5,00 6,50 5,00 6,50 6,50 8,80 6,50
Depth [m] 7,00 7,00 7,00 7,00 8,52 7,00 10,03
Height [m] ** 2,9 2,9 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,1
Thermal power consumption [kW] 95 125 140 175 235 245 282
Installed electric power [kW] *** 10,5 10,5 10,5 14,4 14,4 21,0 17,7
(14,1) (14,1) (14,1) (18,0) (18,0) (24,6) (21,3)
Volume of batch using 60 % loading space [m3] 44 58 63 82 102 110 123
* - definite measurements after the contour of walls
** - measurement to the inner roof 
*** - values given in (...) refer the drying house in the version "the beech on whitely"
Outer dimensions Width [m] 8,23 9,03 10,23 9,03 13,23 13,23
Depth [m] 8,75 8,75 8,75 10,26 8,75 10,26
Height [m] 5,61 5,61 5,61 5,61 5,61 5,61
Inner dimensions Width [m] 8,00 8,80 10,00 8,80 13,00 13,00
Depth [m] 8,52 8,52 8,52 10,03 8,52 10,03
Height [m] ** 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,1
Thermal power consumption [kW] 295 320 365 380 470 560
Installed electric power [kW] *** 17,7 21,0 21,0 27,9 27,9 34,5
(21,3) (24,6) (24,6) (31,5) (31,5) (37,8)
Volume of batch using 60 % loading space [m3] 126 138 157 167 205 246
* - definite measurements after the contour of walls
** - measurement to the inner roof 
*** - values given in (...) refer the drying house in the version "the beech on whitely"


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