Turret punching

Punching sheets with thickness of up to 3 mm is possible thanks to use of a modern AMADA ARCADE 212 turret punch press. This advanced device allows for performing highly accurate punching and pressing operations. Application of CNC dies enables execution of client's orders. Owing to possibility of easy machine adjustment to new assignments, we are able to carry out any orders related to sheet punching, especially where thermal cutting in not an option.


CNC plasma and oxy-fuel cutting

We perform cutting at Pierce RUR 2500 GP machine. Owing to BURNY 10 LCD control system we are able to execute any flat complex shape. Basic machine parameters are as follows:

  • envelope: 2,000x6,000
  • power supply (plasma generating unit): Cebora 162 PROF



At our disposal we have MIG. MAG. TIG and coated electrode arc welding machines. Materials we are able to weld are as follows:


  • structure steel
  • stainless and acid-resistant steel
  • aluminium alloys



We have various types of multipurpose, horizontal and vertical millers at our disposal. Our services include also treatment of elements at gantry-type milling machine with envelope of 1150x4000 mm. This device has a horizontal spindle and two vertical ones with possibility of turning. It enables processing of two planes – vertical and horizontal, without necessity of a detail's re-attachment.



Static and dynamic balancing of elements is provided within:

  • max. element length: 3,000 mm
  • max. element weight: 100 kg


Painting and shot-blasting of surfaces

We provide services in surface shot-blasting and painting.

Painting is executed by spraying.

For shot-blasting OPK-5000B chamber airless shot-blasting machine is used, which is designed for blasting steel products and products made of welded sheets and sections, as well as cast iron and cast steel elements.


Sheet forming

ending is executed with advanced, numerically controlled URSVIKEN OPTIMA press with load of 400 tons. This device is one of the very few to be equipped with a programmable matrix allowing for free programming of bending radius and ensuring high finishing accuracy.


Designing and manufacturing tools

We have a long experience in designing and manufacturing tools, such as press tools, blanking dies, injection molds, welding fixtures, etc. Our stock includes technically advanced machines and our personnel are highly qualified professionals. Apart from manufacturing tools we also offer their regeneration. If you are interested in our offer, please contact our tool-room.



LIGNA - World fair for the forestry and wood industry‎

11-15.V.2015, Hannover, hall 13, E46

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Agro international fairs Show

19-22. IX.2014, Bednary (Poznań), open area, C sector, stall 619
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